Applications submission | June 23rd – November 1st

Final Event | 9th February

35 000 € in prizes!

What is it?

The InnoApps Challenge is the only pan-European competition to develop innovative Apps for SmartCities, organised by EYIF in partnership with Huawei. InnoApps encourages young people to build ground-breaking solutions to improve social inclusion and foster the development of decentralised innovation ecosystems in Europe.
This year the focus is in on the IoT (Internet of Things), as a cross-cutting technology domain and on Smart Cities as a vertical application area, to address the specific challenges related to SafeCities.

Why InnoApps?

The InnoApps Challenge is a joint initiative of the European Young Innovators Forum and Huawei with the aim of contributing to the development of a more socially inclusive society in Europe by fostering e-skills, increasing e-participation and promoting entrepreneurship for young generations in Europe today.
In contrast to other competitions, InnoApps provides long-term mentoring and commercialisation support for the winning team, to create a feasible and concrete pathway for the winning App developers to bring to the market their creativity.

How to apply?

Fill in our questionnaire (or record a 2 minute video), by answering the following questions:

  1. Do you have a relevant idea for SmartCities?
  2. How is this idea linked to the SmartCities (or SafeCities and/or Internet of Things)?
  3. What is the impact/value of your idea?
  4. Tell us more about your personal and professional background.

You don’t need to be a developer!

Do you have a brilliant idea, a product concept, do you consider building a new App or do you already have the alpha App? If your idea is relevant for SmartCities, the InnoApps Competition is for you!

Bear in mind that:

  • Technical skills are not necessary!
  • The state of the development of the App (idea, product concept, build / alpha) is not the deciding point for selection.

Application Procedure:

The candidate will submit their applications regarding their suitability for the challenge. The simple application procedure consists of an online form (or a video presentation). EYIF together with Huawei and Jury Members will shortlist the candidates. The short-listed candidates are invited to Brussels for a two-day hackathon.

This InnoApps edition will feature two prizes:

  • Winner – 20.000 EUR
  • Runners-Up – 15.000 EUR

More information about the final event will soon be released.


  • 22 June

    Launch event

  • 23/06 - 1/11

    Applications Submissions

  • 1/11 - 04/11

    Applications Pre-selection

  • 5/11 - 21/11

    Jury Selection

  • 06/12 - 15/01

    Virtual Online Team Collaboration

  • 8/02/2017

    Hackathon in Brussels

  • 9/02/2017

    Final Event / Award Ceremony


You’ll get people’s support when you show them how strongly you believe in the success of your project. You have to be proud of your product and show this to others. When you truly believe in it, so will your clients and investors!
Dawid CieślakWinning team Cocoffee | HungryCherry Ltd.
My communications skills have been improved since the InnoApps Final in 2015 and I gained useful skills for my future through the different stages of the competition. This experience changed completely my way of thinking and this is the main reason I can only be thankful for the InnoApps challenge.
Levente SlajchóFinalist, InnoApps 2015
InnoApps was one of the best organised competitions I attended due to three reasons; folks were down to earth, coaches were competent and networking was fantastic. The visibility at InnoApps brought me an investment from Catenate Group – we just launched a joint AI Innovation Lab
Irman AbdićWinning Team Birdly
I’ve learned how to make a better pitch and eventually convince investors. I believe good ideas are worth sharing, and pitching is an indispensable part of development. I have to tell others and convince them it’s a great idea. Only through this can we really make something happen
Yanzhong LiWinning team Cocoffee | Uber USA
Building a startup requires a special kind of thinking. Instead of feeling like a carefully planned business, it feels more like a roller coster. In this competition I learned a lot from established people in the industry that took my ideas and helped me refine them into a valuable product. Come prepared to learn, keep an open mind!
Andrei DiaconuWinning Team AudioCity | MiOS Ltd.

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