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At Makers Academy we are excited about partnering up with EYIF forInnoApps, the competition to develop innovative Apps for SmartCities. We love the internet of things movement and we are excited to see what innovative ideas people submit to help SmartCities. InnoApps, a joint initiative of EYIF and Huawei, is different from many other competitions of this kind!

It is, indeed, your big chance to access the entrepreneurial world, not only by getting the prize money (35,000 euros for the 3 winning teams), but also by receiving long term-mentoring and support by digital experts and by meeting potential clients and investors that will transform your idea into a product! Do you have a great idea and want to make it a reality? Here is why learning to code is important for the future.

Coding is the new superpower. Coding is like magic, with the tips of your fingers, you can make your ideas come to life. To benefit from coding, you don’t need to know all the high-brow ‘Computer Science Theories’, just understanding the basics can empower you to do your job better and make the world a better place!

Having smart cities and helping the most vulnerable in society is key. For final projects, our students would often build projects with social causes at heart. For instance, “Lend and Tend” is a project that matches people with unused gardens to people wanting to borrow a garden to tend to.

Our students have built a variety of different projects which can be seen here and 12 weeks ago they didn’t even know how to code. Makers Academy is Europe’s leading Web Developer bootcamp. With our help, you’ll learn the principles of software craftsmanship and we’ll also help you get your first job. Learn to code in 12 weeks with us remotely and make your smartcity idea a reality!

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